How do you handle sourcing?

If you’re like most of our clients it takes a lot of effort to find incredible candidates. You try to stay one step ahead by keeping a lookout for outstanding talent when you’re not hiring, but even when you do find great people do you honestly have the time to stay in touch and keep track of potential hires for when you need them?

The reality is you probably already need people by the time you start looking, so timing is vital! If you’re primarily using tools like Indeed, LinkedIn or the career board on your company website, a very small percentage of the resumes submitted through your postings have enough related experience, which means you end up dealing with an onslaught of useless resumes. You know your time is better spent!

Most agencies just post the job on the same job boards you would. So why pay a premium for that?

Experience Targeted Sourcing

At How Business Resources Solutions Inc. we stay in touch with a candidate pool that is working, not actively looking, but are ready to grow, and have their ear to the ground for a good opportunity.

  • We are headhunters
  • We specialize in targeted/Direct sourcing
  • Our network is filled with candidates who are not necessarily applying to postings. Working with us gives you access to a “hidden Market” of top professionals
  • We are contingency based and have an industry-leading 1 year guarantee
  • Our boutique style agency provides a personalized experience for you – each role, each client, and each candidate is unique – Experience our customized service with our dedicated account managers